How to choose the best medical alert ID for you?

How to choose the best medical alert ID for you?


Medical emergencies can strike unexpectedly, emphasizing the importance of having a reliable medical alert ID, such as a bracelet. In this guide, we'll delve into the key factors to consider when selecting the ideal medical alert bracelet tailored to your needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Medical Alert Bracelet

Visibility and Convenience

During emergencies, Emergency Medical Service EMS personnel are trained to check wrists and necks for identification. Opting for a bracelet or necklace ensures easy accessibility of vital information when it's needed most. Plus, these accessories are designed to be worn daily, seamlessly integrating into your routine.

Durability Matters

  1. Stainless Steel & Titanium: These materials stand out for their top-tier durability, making them suitable for all activities. Whether you're at work, exercising, or simply going about your day, stainless steel and titanium bracelets offer peace of mind with their scratch-resistant nature and enduring brush finish.
  2. Silver & Gold-Filled: While not as rugged as stainless steel and titanium, silver and gold-filled bracelets are still moderately durable, making them ideal for daily wear. However, it's crucial to handle them with care and limit exposure to harsh elements like chemicals and sweat to prevent tarnishing and maintain their lustrous appearance.
  3. 14 KT Gold: With its luxurious high-polish finish, 14 KT gold adds a touch of elegance to your medical alert bracelet. Despite its premium look, 14 KT gold is also designed for everyday wear, offering durability and resilience against tarnishing. It's an excellent choice for those who value both style and functionality.

Engraving Space

The amount of engraving space varies based on the size and style of the medical ID. Consulting with your doctor can help determine essential information to include. For IDs with limited engraving, an expandable wallet card can complement your medical alert bracelet, providing additional space for critical details such as medical conditions, allergies, and emergency contacts. Check our FAQs page for more ideas on what to engrave on your medical alert bracelet. 

How to Measure Your Wrist – Choosing the Right Medical Alert Bracelet Size

Wrist measuring
  1. Use Proper Tools: Utilize a measuring tape or a piece of string to measure your wrist accurately. Ensure the measuring tape or string is firm but not tight on your wrist to get an accurate measurement.
  1. Measure Accurately: Wrap the measuring tape or string around your wrist at the widest point. This is typically just below the wrist bone. Ensure the measuring tape or string is parallel to the ground for an accurate measurement.
  1. Allow Comfort: Leave enough length for a comfortable fit, ensuring your medical alert bracelet is neither too tight nor too loose. You should be able to fit one finger snugly between the bracelet and your wrist. 

At Beaded Daisy, we ask our customers to provide us with their snug wrist measurement and we add approximately ¾”-1”, for a comfortable and perfect fit. 

  1. Verify Measurement: If using a string, measure it against a ruler starting from the "0 inch" mark to confirm the length. Double-check your measurement to ensure accuracy before selecting your bracelet size.


Choosing the best medical alert bracelet involves considering factors such as durability, engraving space, and occasion suitability. By following the guidelines outlined in this blog, you can make an informed decision that prioritizes both style and functionality. 

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