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Beaded Daisy (Med ID's)

Whispers of Summer Medical ID Bracelet

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Beautify your wrist with this sleek and fresh-looking piece. Featuring frosted morganite and jade gemstones, this medical ID bracelet emanates a soft and delicate charm that is both understated and elegant. The finish of the gemstones adds a unique and ethereal quality to the design, making it "summerish" and bohème!

- Frosted morganite and jade gemstones

- Stainless steel clasps

* all gemstones are unique and may differ in appearance

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Size Guide

Select your snug wrist measurement, we will add approximately 3/4"-1", for a comfortable fit.

Use a soft measuring tape, such as cloth or vinyl. Start at the 0 (zero) and wrap around your wrist snuggly. Take note of what number is across from the 0 (zero). If you don’t have one of these measuring tapes, you can use a piece of string, ribbon, or even dental floss in a pinch, and then compare it to a ruler!

Customer Reviews

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Joanne Rasmussen
Beautiful & Stylish!

I absolutely love my Medical ID Bracelets, I have 3 now! I like that I can change up my jewelery and I've received many compliments. These bracelets are excellent quality, very well made and withstands daily wear. Online ordering is so easy, delivery is prompt and the customer service is exemplary!