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Beaded Daisy (Med ID's)

Gold Cross Midnight Black Bead Medical ID Bracelet

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This glam medical ID bracelet features black round stone beads artfully placed on a sturdy cord. A flat medallion Cross bead celebrates your faith in modern style, perfect for those who love to showcase what is most meaningful to them and in their heart every day.

- Stainless steel black and cold cross, black natural stone with stainless gold accents

- Real 18K gold plated stainless steel lobster clasps

- Create a bracelet stack (as shown) by adding the Large Figaro gold chain to your order

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Size Guide

Select your snug wrist measurement, we will add approximately 3/4"-1", for a comfortable fit.

Use a soft measuring tape, such as cloth or vinyl. Start at the 0 (zero) and wrap around your wrist snuggly. Take note of what number is across from the 0 (zero). If you don’t have one of these measuring tapes, you can use a piece of string, ribbon, or even dental floss in a pinch, and then compare it to a ruler!

Customer Reviews

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Holly Freeman
My beaded bracelet with cross

I love my new bracelet, it is comfortable, doesn’t pinch or get in the way, and is also attractive and with the cross it gives me a constant reminder of my faith .