About us

about us


Hello, I’m Regan, and the founder of Beaded Daisy.  You might be curious to discover that it was my own family's journey that inspired me to start making Medical ID Alert jewelry with a twist.  Perhaps our story will resonate with you!


My son Alex was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at just 6 months old.  Several years later, at age 2, my daughter Emily received the same diagnosis.  When they were at school, on field trips, or at friends' houses, I would worry about what might happen if either of them were in an accident.  Would their unique needs be identified?


I knew how important it was for Alex and Emily to wear a Medical ID Alert, but I could understand that they wouldn't want to wear something that didn't reflect their personalities.  When Alex was in his school-age years, he loved playing competitive hockey.  He wanted to wear something sporty and “cool”, rather than the more traditional designs that were available.  Emily was also an active little girl, but she wanted to wear something pretty and “girlie”.  I quickly realized that there wasn't much choice, so it was up to me to create it!  Driven by that inspiration, Beaded Daisy was launched in 2006.


Now, over 15 years later, Alex and Emily are adults.  While they may be grown up, it's just as important that they continue to wear their Medical ID Alert jewelry.  As they make their way through the world with their own customized Beaded Daisy designs, I take comfort in knowing that they feel good about wearing their Medical IDs every day.


People of all ages should experience the opportunity to be proud of their Medical ID jewelry. When it's stylish and attractive, Medical ID Alert jewelry becomes something we don't want to take off, instead of something we have to put on!  Because we all experience different moods and wear different outfits, I decided I had to make Beaded Daisy designs even better.  I created bracelets that can be interchanged, so your look can always keep up with you!  No matter your style, activity, or budget, we offer something for everyone.


The Beaded Daisy mission is to ensure that men, women, and children with ALL health concerns can enjoy Medical ID Alert jewelry that is both affordable and fashionable.  Nobody wants to think of him or herself in an unfortunate situation, but the reality is that in an emergency, everyone with a health concern NEEDS to wear medical identification.  The great news is that Beaded Daisy customers can truly express themselves while always being prepared!